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The warm-up of the champions

If you want to be a champion, you have to train like one. This starts with the warm-up.

Here you can find out why more and more greats in international sports are giving their warm-up a boost in addition to their training with our Phantom training mask and how you can include this in your own warm-up.

Warm-up basics

Warming up before physical exertion or competitions serves to create an optimal psychophysical and coordination-kinesthetic performance state, as well as to prevent injuries.

It has the following effects on the human organism:

  • Increase in heart rate

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Breathing regulation

  • Decreased muscle viscosity

  • Improved energy and oxygen delivery

  • Optimization of neuromuscular processes

  • Increase in psychological performance

  • Injury prevention

This means that warming up fulfills an important function for this Achieving top sporting performances. It also lowers the Risk of injury and thus ensures the long-term Maintaining performance, as well as -increase. (1)

Inspiratory muscle training and its benefits for the warm-up

In our article about Inspiratory muscle training (IMT), the concept underlying the Phantom training mask, you were able to find out more about this principle.

In addition to the numerous effects that it offers you to take your sporting development to a new level, even your warm-up can benefit to a very special extent, thus your subsequent performance.

Just like your training, you can also intensify your warm-up with the Phantom training mask. Superstar Jay Ajayi, who won the 2018 Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles, swears by it. "I'm not a fan of long warmup drills before the game," said the top NFL player. "Instead I'd rather put on my mask, a few quick sprints, one or two drills, then I realize, Yes... I'm ready!".

And that shows in the episode.

In various scientific studies, the... Combining a classic warmup with IMT the subsequent performance can be increased.

For example, this maximum applied forcein a rowing test increased significantly, as did the Overall performance compared to another test group. The test subjects also did not get out of breath as quickly.(2)

This was also possible for elite swimmers who were already fully trained the time required for the 100m distance be drastically reduced.(3)

Also one Improving coordination skills, for example the footwork in badminton was improved through a combination of IMT and "classic" warm-up. (4)

What does that mean to you?

The next time you warm up, whether before an important game, competition or even your regular workout, replace long warm-up periods short, intense intervals with your Phantom training mask and watch your subsequent performance skyrocket.


(1) Weineck, J.; Weineck, A. (2010): LK Sport (Volume 1) - Basics of sports biology and training science

(2) Volianitis, S. et al. (2001): Specific respiratory warmup improves rowing performance and exertional dyspnea

(3)Wilson, E. et al. (2013): Respiratory muscle specific warm-up and elite swimming performance

(4) Lin, H. et al. (2007): Specific inspiratory muscle warm-up enhances badminton footwork performance

If you also want to improve your physical and mental abilities to push your body to peak athletic performance, you should take a look at our Phantom training mask!


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