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MMA & boxing wraps

Boxing and MMA bandages are among the most important Protective gear of every martial artist. They help prevent injuries to the hands and wrists. Phantom Athletics offers an excellent selection of hand wraps for Muay Thai, MMA Kickboxing or Boxing.

Our high-quality hand wraps are durable and give you the perfect fit for every training and competition. They are the ideal choice for martial artists who value quality and comfort. Choose from different colors and lengths to find the right bandage for your martial arts.

Boxing bandages set impact away A$13.90 A$26.90
Sports tape A$4.90 A$9.90
Grip tape A$2.90 A$9.90

Boxing and MMA bandages in martial arts: Optimized safety for your hands

Phantom Athletics presents a premium selection of MMA and boxing hand wraps specifically designed to provide optimal support and protection for your hands and wrists. As an essential Martial arts accessories hand wraps are essential to help prevent injuries during intense exercise Training or in Competition to reduce.

The use of hand wraps in martial arts has several important functions:

  • Protection of bones and tendons in the hands
  • Stabilize the wrists when hitting and blocking
  • Reduced risk of fractures and sprains thanks to improved shock distribution.

Our collection at Phantom Athletics includes various models tailored to the needs and preferences of every martial artist. With us you will find both traditional and woven ones Cotton bandages, which provide comfort and breathability, as well modern gel-filled bandages, which ensure additional padding and protection.

We offer our boxing bandages in different colors and lengths. For example, you can bring longer bandages for use Boxing gloves, or shorter bandages for use with MMA gloves choose.

For training and competition

Our MMA and boxing hand wraps are made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance. They offer a perfect fit and secure hold to allow full concentration on your training or fight. Whether for Muay Thai, boxing or mixed martial arts (MMA), our hand wraps are suitable for all martial arts that require a high level of strain on the hands.

Boxing bandages for professionals

For the professional sector, we also offer you “gauze” and tapes with which you can have your hands professionally bandaged in order to achieve maximum protection and impact.

Phantom Athletics is committed to providing the best hand wraps on the market to optimize your performance while keeping your hands safe.
Once you've found the right boxing wraps for you, don't forget to add one to your protective gear too Mouthguard and a suitable one Jockstrap to expand.


Why are hand wraps necessary for martial arts?

Hand wraps support the bones and tendons in your hands and can help protect against injuries and sprains to the hands and wrists. This is particularly true in sparring or during training Punching bag and on Pratz important. 

What different types of hand wraps does Phantom Athletics offer?

Phantom Athletics offers a selection of classic cotton/polyester blend boxing wraps with high comfort and breathability, as well as gel-filled wraps for additional padding and protection.

What length for boxing bandages?

The question of the right length is a very personal one and depends very much on the athlete's taste. Some prefer longer bandages, usually 400 cm or 450 cm, while others prefer shorter bandages, usually 250 cm. Basically it can be said that one for Boxing gloves tend to use boxing wraps for longer while you are for MMA gloves rather shorter MMA bandages are used.

For which martial arts are the hand wraps from Phantom Athletics suitable?

Our boxing and MMA bandages are generally suitable for all martial arts in which boxing or MMA gloves are used. No matter whether MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai or classic boxing. 

How do you properly care for your boxing bandages? 

Most of our boxing wraps can be easily put in the machine with yours Workout clothes wash. It's best to make sure to wash the hand wraps in a small laundry bag so that they don't get tangled with other items in the washing machine. Such laundry bags are included with some of our bandages, for example. However, it is best to wash our neoprene / gel bandages only with cold water and by hand to maximize their service life.