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GKD filter for the Phantom training mask

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A high-tech filter made of 5-layer metal fabric for sports and leisure - made in Germany!

The Phantom GKD filter can be used in any original Phantom training mask instead of the PRS (resistance controller).

A unique filter material enables a Filtering of 88.9% of all particles up to a size of 2μm, such as pollen or liquid particles.

Due to the special arrangement of the multi-layer filtering, the breathing resistance is very low and breathing is hardly restricted. So you can use the Phantom training mask with filtering for sports without any restrictions. The filter can be washed hot after training and is thus disinfected for the next training session.

    • High quality stainless steel filter
    • 5-layer volumetric metal filter fabric
    • Temperature-resistant 3D printing
    • filters Ø 88.9% of all Aerosols up to a size of 2 μm
    • filters Ø 88.9% of all pollen up to a size of 2 µm
    • Reusable, no replacement necessary
    • Can be washed hot for cleaning
The breathing resistance of the filter corresponds approximately to level 1-2 of your original Phantom training mask.The Phantom training mask filter is not a medical product and is only intended for private use. 
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Maximum safety in sports

The Phantom training mask with GKD filter effectively protects you and others from infection via droplets that are spread when you speak, breathe, cough or sneeze. Pathogens such as viruses or bacteria that settle in the pharynx or respiratory tract can get into the air through tiny saliva droplets (~5µm) and thus be ingested by others.

The GKD filter filters the breathing air to a particle size of 2µm with an efficiency of 88.9%! and protects you reliably during sports.

The solution for allergy sufferers

Pollen that is spread by the wind is problematic for many people with allergies and can lead to a pathological defense reaction of the immune system (allergy symptoms).

Early bloomers (hazel, birch | pollen size ~20 µm), grasses (timothy, rye | pollen size ~10 µm) and herbs (mugwort, ragweed | pollen size ~15 µm) are particularly responsible for allergies.

The Phantom training mask, with GKD filter, filters (with an efficiency of90.4% (at 20µm)) so reliably that no pollen gets into the air you breathe and you can practice your sport outdoors without any problems!

Made in Germany

Developed and manufactured by the market leader in metal mesh GKD, the filter for the Phantom training mask meets all technical requirements. The 5-layer stainless steel fabric filters effectively and can be easily cleaned and sterilized after training - The filter does not need to be changed or replaced.

Viruses and bacteria are quickly inactivated or killed at temperatures of 55°C to 80°C. That's why the GKD filter can be easily cleaned at these temperatures and is quickly ready for the next training session.

Developed for athletes

FFP-1, FFP-2, FFP-3, N95, N98 or other respirators with certifications, even for the medical field, are not suitable for sports because they cannot guarantee the necessary air flow through the fine non-woven fabrics.

Thanks to the 5-layer metal fabric, the GKD filter guarantees both effective filtering of pollen and aerosols/droplets (which carry viruses and bacteria) and high air permeability. As a result, the Phantom training mask with GKD filter can be used with only a low breathing resistance, which is level 1-2 of the Phantom training mask equivalent to wear in sports.




Urban, outdoor, fitness, endurance sports


  • Stainless steel filter fabric with effective filtering of the breathing air
  • Filters Ø 88.9% of all aerosols up to a size of 2 μm
  • Filters Ø 88.9% of all pollen up to a size of 2 μm
  • Made in Germany - Developed and manufactured by market leader for metal mesh GKD
  • Stainless steel metal mesh can be disinfected and reused
  • Compatible with any original Phantom training mask


  • 5-layer Volumetric 230+500 mesh fabric
  • High quality 3D printed HP PA12 substrate


  • Diameter: 48mm
  • Height: 10mm


  • only 5.70g


  • Mesh fabric: stainless steel
  • Backing material: Polyamide 12

Cleaning and care

  • Can be washed with hot water (max. 80°C) and thus disinfected
  • Not dishwasher safe

scope of delivery

1 x filter

A Phantom training mask is required to use the filter (not included)

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After this period, a return is no longer possible. We will refund the purchase amount within 14 days after receipt of your return.
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