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The new PRS Extreme

With our Phantom training mask, the possibilities to challenge yourself in sports have been raised to a completely new level, the term "highly intensive" has been redefined. Now let's go one better.

If you want it even harder, even more extreme than the Phantom training mask already offers, we have just the right thing for you!

With the patented PRS ( Phantom Regulation System), Phantom Athletics has revolutionized the training mask market.

The PRS is the heart of the Phantom training mask and offers you the most advanced resistance regulation system on the market. This allows you to change the resistance of your Phantom training mask at any time. All this in a fraction of a second, during your training, and without interrupting the workout.

With the PRS X-Treme, Phantom Athletics now brings you the same proven system in an extreme version. The PRS X-Treme intensifies the resistance on all 4 levels by an average of 40% and thus brings you the most strenuous training you have ever experienced. The new PRS X-Treme will demand everything from you.


The PRS X-Treme is very easy to change. You simply click your standard PRS out of your Phantom training mask, click in the new PRS X-Treme and you are ready to go.

And to show the world how hard you train, the PRS X-Treme comes in an exclusive red colourway. As a special highlight, the PRS X-Treme comes with an exclusive, stylish carbon style cover, which is not available separately.

But style and optics are not our intention with the PRS X-Treme. Rather, we at Phantom Athletics want to give the absolute elite among athletes the opportunity to go to their limits. The ultra marathon runners, the mountain runners, the best of the best.

The athletes who count in the 1% who think it can't be tough enough.

If you too want to improve your physical and mental abilities in order to push your body to peak athletic performance, you should take a look at our Phantom training mask!



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