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Urban, outdoor, indoor, functional fitness, running, cycling, cross training, martial arts, firefighting, interval training, endurance sports, speed strength, team and individual sports and much more.


  • Patented PRS system for quick and easy resistance control without removing the training mask
  • Targeted breathing muscle training to increase your athletic performance
  • Suitable for all endurance sports such as fitness, running, cycling, soccer, cross training, fire department fitness and much more.
  • Ergonomic sleeve ensures a comfortable hold and prevents slipping
  • Premium materials, such as medical-grade silicone and durable nylon, ensure durability
  • Customize your training mask with interchangeable covers and sleeves
  • Easy disassembly and cleaning
  • No wear parts or filters to replace
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee / Lifetime Product Warranty


  • Recessed Phantom Athletics logo on front cover
  • Phantom Athletics print on sleeve sides
  • Phantom Athletics label on sleeve back


Training mask: BHT approx.: 114x125x80mm (without sleeve)


Training mask: 100 grams


  • Plastic components: nylon
  • Silicone Parts: Medical grade silicone
  • Sleeve (Headband): Polyester

Cleaning and care

Cleaning the Phantom Training Mask is very easy. Dismantle your Phantom training mask according to the description in the enclosed booklet.

  • You can easily clean all dismantled plastic parts (cover, mask body, PRS valve) with water
  • You can wash the sleeve (headband) with your training clothes in the washing machine according to the washing label.

Need more help cleaning or assembling? HERE find the right youtube video.

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Return and Refund

You can return this item to us within 30 days of receipt, even if it has been used and in good condition.
After this period, a return is no longer possible. We will refund the purchase amount within 14 days after receipt of your return.
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Legal warranty: 2 years


We also offer you a lifetime guarantee for all components of the Phantom training mask.