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Hydro Air punching bag

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The innovation in martial arts - the Hydro Air punching bag is filled with air and water and thus ensures a unique punching feeling. 
The core of the punching bag is filled with air and the outer chamber with water. 

By regulating the amount of air and water, you can set the punching bag exactly to your desired hardness. The result is a realistic feel with a reduced risk of injury. 

The Hydro Air punching bag is recommended for private use. Not for professional or gym use. 

  • Internal Air Core - External Water Fill
  • Welded quality for a long-lasting training experience
  • The ultimate punching bag for all martial artists
  • Easy to fill using an air pump (included) and water hose
  • Material: 100% PU
  • Color: Black
  • Vegan
  • Included in delivery: air core, water chamber (outer shell), air pump, carabiner, swivel, chain, instructions
  • Size 100: height 100cm, diameter 35cm, weight filled ≤50kg
  • Size 150: height 150cm, diameter 35cm, Weight filled ≤62kg
  • Chain length: approx. 45cm
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Functional like your sport

The Hydro Air punching bag is suitable for any type of martial arts. Whether fast jabs, hard punches or power kicks - the Hydro Air takes them all. The innovative combination of air and water filling ensures optimal shock absorption and a unique feel that feels much more real than conventional punching bag fillings such as textiles or foam. Fast box combinations, elbow series and hard low kicks have never felt so good on a punching bag!

Thought out down to the smallest detail

The unique structure of the Hydro Air punching bag ensures an incomparable punching experience. The internal air core provides stability, easy adjustment of hardness and impact absorption. The external water chamber gives the punching bag the necessary weight and impact resistance. In addition, this ensures a maximum real impact feeling. The outer shell is extra tear-resistant and ensures a long-lasting training experience.

made for you

Choose between two punching bag sizes: 100cm and 150cm. The diameter is Ø 35cm each. Do you only need the punching bag for punches and/or elbows or are you just starting your training? Then the height of 100cm right for you.
Do you not only want to punch, but also kick, and are you looking for a punching bag for regular and advanced training? Then choose the size 150cm. In addition to the punching bag height, you must also include a chain length of approx. 45cm.

Quick to use

Everything you need for assembly is supplied with the punching bag. You also need water (using a water/garden hose) and a suitable ceiling mount. Setting up, filling and hanging up the punching bag is very easy, but we recommend that you do this with a second person.
Assembly instructions:
1. Inflate the air core with the included pump and slide it into the outer shell with the valves facing up. We recommend using the air pump to pump 45x for a 100cm punching bag and 75x for a 150cm punching bag.
2. Stand the punching bag upright and fill the punching bag completely with a water/garden hose via the water valve and close the valve tightly.
3. You can regulate the hardness of the punching bag by letting air in and out.
4. Now zip up the outer shell.
5. Connect the swivel with the chain and carabiner and hang the 4 chains on the punching bag.
6. Now hang the punching bag (preferably with two people) on a suitable ceiling mount and start training.


Info: Phantom punching bag Hydro Ai


Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA


  • Innovative design with air core and water chamber
  • Punching bag hardness individually adjustable
  • Available in two sizes: 100 and 150cm
  • Real feel
  • Suitable for all martial arts


  • Abrasion-resistant PHANTOM ATHLETICS print


  • 100% tear-resistant PU

Cleaning and care

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth

scope of delivery

Punching bag outer cover, air core, chains, swivel joint, carabiner, air pump, instructions

Return and Refund

You can return this item to us within 30 days of receipt, in an unused and resalable condition.
After this period, a return is no longer possible. We will refund the purchase amount within 14 days after receipt of your return.
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