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Free delivery from $110.90 (DE+AT)


Phantom training masks

Phantom training bag

Phantom training vest

Phantom sling trainer

Phantom Training Ball




Ultimate set

training mask size SMALL
training vests weight WITH 9KG (20LB)
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The Phantom Ultimate Set consists of 6 of our bestselling performance products:
The Phantom training mask, the training vest, the sling trainer, the training bag, the tactical skipping rope and the resistance trainer. 

Save here in the set $258.90 compared to the normal retail price!
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  • Phantom training mask: The ultimate training device to take your condition and performance to the next level.
  • Phantom training vest: A functional, optimized training device that takes your strength and overall performance in sports to the next level. Increase your resistance during training to increase your fitness.
  • Phantom sling trainer: dhe perfect addition to your next full body workout.Due to its compact size, the sling trainer can be taken anywhere.
  • Phantom Training Bag: The modular design allows easy, quick and individual adjustment of the training weight as well as a variety of exercises.
  • Tactic skipping rope: A qualitative training device to train your condition and coordination in equal measure.
  • Phantom Resistance Trainer: an innovative training device to increase your explosive power

Perfect for your home workout, outdoors or on the go and when travelling.


  • Training mask: 3 sizes - s (<70kg), m (70-100kg), l (>100kg)
  • Training Vest: Available in 13lb (6kg) or 20lb (9kg)
  • Sling trainer: one size / adjustable in length
  • Training Bag: One size / Can be filled up to 25kg
  • Skipping rope: one size / adjustable in length
  • Resistance trainer: one size
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