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FIGHT | protective gear

Protective gear is vital in martial arts to prevent injuries during combat workouts and competition to minimize.

Especially in full contact sports, such as mma, muai thaiboxing, kickboxing or BJJ, it is important to protect the body effectively. It is important that the protective equipment fits properly and is made of high-quality materials.

That's why at Phantom Athletics we develop high-quality protective gear, such as head guard, shin guards, groin protector, mouth guards, knee pads or MMA & boxing bandages, to really offer every area of ​​your body sufficient protection.

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Protective equipment in martial arts

Phantom Athletics is considered a leading outfitter in martial arts. In this category, martial arts enthusiasts will find a wide selection of high-quality protective equipment that is essential for the Security and efficiency is fighting.

head protection

head guard are essential to protect sensitive areas such as the head and face during combat. At Phantom Athletics we offer a variety of headgear to suit both novice and experienced fighters. Our head guard are characterized by a robust construction, comfortable fit and excellent shock absorption. By using high-quality materials, we guarantee optimal protection and durability.

shin guards

shin guards are another important element of martial arts protective equipment. They protect the shins from injuries during intensive training sessions and also in competitions. At Phantom Athletics you will find a wide range of shin guards, which are suitable for various martial arts such as Muay Thai, Kickboxing or MMA. Our shin guards offer an ideal combination of protection, comfort and freedom of movement.


MMA and boxing bandages are crucial to avoid injury to hands and wrists. Our high quality bandages provide firm support and stability to reduce the impact of blows and prevent sprains. They are available in different colors and materials as well as lengths. To cater to every taste.


A mouthguard is a must for every martial artist. It protects teeth, jaws and gums from injuries that may occur during training or competition. At Phantom Athletics you will find mouth guards in different designs that offer a comfortable fit and optimal protection. Our mouth guards are made of high quality material and ensure effective shock absorption.

groin guard

The use of one is also absolutely essential for every martial art groin guard. Also known as a jockstrap or "egg cup", it protects the sensitive soft tissue from kicks and kicks in the abdomen. Not only can this be very painful, but it can also cause long-lasting injuries. Because of this, we offer a variety high quality groin protector for every area of ​​application.

knee protection

Last but not least, we also offer knee pads that protect against knee injuries and wear and tear. Our knee pads offer excellent padding and stability to support the knees during intense movements. With our knee pads you can concentrate fully on your training without having to worry about injuries.

Overall, the use of protective gear in martial arts is vital to to minimize injuries and to ensure the safety of the athletes. At Phantom Athletics you will find an extensive selection of high-quality martial arts protective gear, including head guards, shin guards, groin guards and elbow or knee pads. And to always transport your protective equipment in style, we recommend ours Martial arts backpacks and training bags in top quality!


Why is protective gear so important in martial arts?

Protective gear in martial arts is vital as it is designed to prevent or minimize injury. It protects sensitive body parts such as the head, face, shins, hands and teeth from bumps, punches or kicks during training or competition.

What protective equipment is required in martial arts?

The protective gear needed may vary by martial art, but includes some basic gear head guard, shin guards, MMA and boxing bandages, mouth guards, knee pads and groin protector. The exact choice depends on your individual needs and the type of martial arts you practice, as well as the intensity with which you practice your sport.

How do I choose the right protective gear?

When choosing the right protective gear, you should pay attention to quality, fit and comfort. It is important that the equipment fits well and is made of quality materials to provide optimal protection. In addition, it should not restrict your movements too much so that you can move freely and safely.

How do I properly care for my protective equipment?

To ensure the longevity and hygiene of your protective equipment, you should clean and care for it regularly. Depending on the material, you can either hand wash the gear or follow the manufacturer's instructions to clean it. Make sure it is completely dry before storing it to avoid odor or mold build-up.

How often should I replace my protective gear?

Protective gear used in martial arts should be inspected regularly and replaced as necessary, especially if it shows signs of wear or damage. An exact length of time depends on various factors, such as the frequency of use and the intensity of the training. It is recommended to renew the equipment every few years to ensure optimal protection.