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Fight shorts & leggings

Good fight shorts are not allowed in any martial arts clothing miss. Discover our range of high quality and functional fight shorts, ideal for martial arts such as mma, boxing, no gi bjj and kickboxing. Our Phantom Athletics shorts are specifically designed to meet the needs of professional and amateur fighters to provide maximum freedom of movement and ensure optimal performance.

Each model is tough and durable to withstand the most demanding training sessions and competitions. Browse our range now and find your perfect fight shorts for your next training or competition.

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Martial arts fight shorts

Our Phantom Athletics Fightshorts collection offers a selection of high quality, functional shorts specifically designed for demanding martial arts such as mma, boxing, BJJ and kickboxing were developed. Each of our shorts has been designed with the aim of providing martial artists with maximum freedom of movement and optimum performance.

With their specially designed cut, they allow unrestricted freedom of movement, which is especially important for performing at your best in the cage, ring or on the mat.

Our shorts not only impress with their functionality, but also with their robustness and durability. Thanks to the use of quality materials and careful finishing, they are able to meet even the most demanding training sessions and competitions to withstand.

With us you will not only find different designs, but also different models of martial arts pants: board shorts, muay thai shorts, narrow fight shorts and leggings. So there is something for every taste.

Board shorts in martial arts

So-called board shorts are wider cut fight shortsthat are not tight-fitting. They are reminiscent of classic swim or surf shorts and are very similar to short sports pants. These types of fight shorts are the most common in martial arts and come in a wide variety of designs.

Most of the time they don't have any outside pockets, just an inside pocket that you can use for example for your mouthguard can use. Board shorts are often closed with Velcro and a drawstring. In recent years these board shorts have gotten shorter and narrower to make them lighter and more comfortable.

Muay thai shorts

Muay Thai shorts or "Thai boxing pants“ are classic fight shorts that originally come from Thailand, the homeland of Thai boxing. They have a classic wide, elastic waistband with a drawstring, are short-cut and often very colorful with unusual designs.

They are mainly made of light nylon or heavier satin fabric. In recent years, however, these fabrics have often been replaced by more modern materials that are lighter and more elastic. This is how a new generation of Muay Thai shorts was born, which meet the requirements of modern martial artists.

Enge fight shorts / vale tudo shorts / compression shorts

Another type of martial arts pants are special tight, skin-hugging shorts. These are similar compression shorts, are very elastic and ensure optimal freedom of movement. In the past, these shorts were mainly known from the Brazilian "Vale Tudo", which means "everything goes" in Portuguese and was a pioneer of modern MMA sports.

Tight fight shorts all but disappeared from the scene for a while, but are now more popular than ever. Slightly longer and now almost to the knee, they're a modern choice in combat pants that look stylish and move with you.

Leggings / tights / spats / compression pants

Another pair of fight shorts commonly seen in martial arts gyms are leggings. These are very similar to the compression shorts above in terms of flexibility and freedom of movement, but cover the whole leg for more warmth and knee protection as well.

Leggings (also called tights or spats) are mostly used in the colder seasons or to avoid abrasions on the knees (mat burn). You can also see them more often BJJ, No-Gi BJJ or in wrestling. This type of compression pants is also often worn in combination with or under board fight shorts.