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Martial arts rashguard for MMA, BJJ & Muay Thai

Here you will find high quality and functional rashguards, specifically for the martial arts were developed. Hard-wearing materials and maximum freedom of movement enable maximum performance in the cage, ring or on the mat.

Rash guards for martial artists in top quality

Rashguards, or even Compression shirt called, are popular fight shirts in martial arts. They offer you both protection and functionality in the training and competition.

At Phantom Athletics you will find a diverse selection of high-quality rash guards that are specifically designed for demanding martial arts such as mma, wrestling, grappling, BJJ, boxing or kickboxing were developed.

Best materials

Our rashguards offer maximum comfort and freedom of movement to help you perform at your best in the cage, ring or on the mat. You are from durable materials manufactured to guarantee longevity and resistance.

Maximum freedom of movement

With their tight-fitting, elastic fabrics, they offer a optimal fit and allow unrestricted movement during training or competition. The rashguards are available in different lengths, both long sleeves and short sleeves, to suit your individual needs.

Diverse designs

A special highlights of our rashguards are the sublimated printsthat are not only stylish but also durable. Sublimated printing technology ensures designs won't fade or peel, even after intense exercise or numerous washes.

We offer one large selection of designs, from classic monochrome variants to eye-catching and creative patterns. You are guaranteed to find the rashguard that best suits your personal style and reflects your martial arts. If you do martial arts regularly, a rashguard should never be in yours training bag miss. 


What does the name "Rashguard" mean?

The term rashguard comes from English. "Rash" means something like "scratch" and "guard" something like "protection". A rashguard is therefore a shirt that puts you in front of you scratches and similar injuries.

Originally from the surfing area, it is becoming more and more popular in martial arts to protect against minor injuries such as scratches or mat burns. Rarely rashguard is also called "rushguard" written, which is incorrect.

What is a martial arts rashguard?

A rashguard, often also called a "compression shirt" or "compression shirt", is a close-fitting long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt functional material. It is elastic and offers protection against friction, abrasions and sun exposure during training or competitions.

Why should I wear a rashguard in martial arts?

Rashguards offer several advantages in martial arts:

  • They protect the skin from abrasions and skin irritation caused by close contact with the ground or other training partners.
  • They help wick sweat and regulate body temperature.
  • Unlike conventional training shirts They are tight-fitting and therefore offer less surface to attack during body-hugging training such as grappling or in a clinch.
  • If you train outdoors from time to time, they also offer UV protection and can reduce the risk of sunburn.

In which martial arts do you wear rashguards?

In competitions, rashguards are worn under the gi, especially in amateur MMA, No-Gi BJJ, grappling or in BJJ or Judo. In training, on the other hand, rashguards can be used in almost any martial art, for example in MMA, Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing or Muay Thai.

Since rash guards are very comfortable, you can of course also wear them during your normal fitness training, in the studio or while running.

Should I wear a long sleeve or a short sleeve rashguard?

This is purely a matter of personal preference. Long-sleeved rashguards are better suited for colder temperatures, while short-sleeved rashguards are more suitable for summer or warm weather.

In competitions, short-sleeved rashguards are also better because they leave the forearms free, which can be an advantage, especially when grappling. Long-sleeved rashguards, on the other hand, also cover the elbows, so there is less friction and skin injuries.

Many of our rashguards are available in designs to match fight shorts, so you can coordinate your entire outfit. 

How do I properly care for my rashguard?

To ensure the longevity of your rashguard, it is advisable to clean it thoroughly after each training session or competition.

It is best to wash it by hand or in the machine at a low temperature. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach.

Allow the rashguard to air dry and avoid direct sunlight to preserve the elasticity of the material.