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When it comes to the Phantom Training Mask, we don't want it to be just “just any” tool for you, because it definitely isn't. It helps you take your training to a completely new level.

You should identify with your Phantom training mask, go through sweat, (blood) and tears with it, hate it and love it at the same time. The first fight with her, the incredible demands she places on you during your first training sessions will weld you together inseparably. While you'll struggle at first not to rip it off your face straight away, you'll soon find it strange not to be wearing it and a workout won't feel complete until you do it with your Phantom training mask on.

So that you can identify with it even better in the future and that it is truly YOURS and unique, we at Phantom Athletics now offer the opportunity to put together your personal Phantom training mask. All you have to do is go to the Phantom training mask in the shop and click the “Customize” button. You will now reach our mask generator. Here you can now choose from different color options, such as: B. Choose Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Neon, Hot Pink and others so that you get every single component, sleeve, cover, #XHALE valve, PRS and mask body in the coloring you want.


A freaky neon hot pink mix, bursting with energy, like yourself? No problem. A stealthy Green Olive mask for the silent hunter in you? Why not. Or is there an unbridled flame burning within you that needs to be shown to the outside world with Fire Red? As you can see, there are no limits to your creativity. With exactly 16,128!!! With various possible combinations, your PHANTOMiD training mask will be truly unique. In this way, you can overcome your current limitations even better together with her in the future.

This will not delay the delivery time in any way. We assemble your PHANTOMiD training mask in-house and ship it directly to you so that you can start training with it as quickly as possible.

If you also want to improve your physical and mental abilities to push your body to peak athletic performance, you should take a look at our Phantom training mask!



Do you have any questions about the Phantom training mask? You can contact us at any time here:

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