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Crossfit open 19.3 tips

Crossfit open 19.3 tips

Openworkout 19.3
For time:

200 ft. dumbbell overhead lung
50 dumbbell box step ups
50 strict handstand push-ups
200 ft. handstand walk

Workout tips:

19.3 is all about the handstand pushups.

Place your hands as far out as possible, but be sure to follow the rules and therefore keep your palms within the marked area.

The closer you place your hands, the harder the handstand push-ups will feel.

You should test the distance to the wall in the warm-up, but make sure that you can swing up easily even when you are tired and that you can press into the final position without much difficulty.

Mark your individual hand position before the workout and stay focused on hand placement throughout the workout.

The line of sight can also make life difficult for you:
Be careful not to let your eyes drop to the ground, otherwise you will have to contend with a curvature in the trunk too much.

A look at the opposite wall or up to the ceiling helps you to keep a straight upper body. You can also draw more strength from your upper back.

Ultimately, with a workout like this, it's always about splitting up the number of repetitions:

Quick swings down, short shoulders and arms, and then swinging back up will lead you to more success in this workout than big setsending in an exhausting fight.

Especially if you're worried about handstand pushups beforehand, it pays to focus on single reps and keep the rest between attempts short and controlled! 

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